Santa Barbara City College

                                             Department of Computer Science


Course:        Computer Concepts (CS 101)


Instructor:    Robert H. Dependahl, Jr.


Required Text:  Understanding Computers: Today & Tomorrow, Morley / Parker, 14th Edition


Computer Center:  Room H-245 is open: 9 AM to 10 PM  Monday-Friday


Office Hours:     Room H-226, Phone#:  965-0581 (ext. 2452)       E-mail:

Monday        Tuesday          Wednesday          Thursday            Friday

                             7-9PM      10:30-11AM         4:45-5PM         10:30-11AM         by apt

                                              12:30-12:45PM                                  12:30-12:45PM



Homepage:  Homework / exam scores and interesting class related links are available on my homepage:                         


Grading: The final grade for this class will be determined by the collective number of points accumulated through the following assignments and exams.

Midterms:  Two will be given worth 100 points each.  Failure to take a Midterm on the scheduled day will result in the following exam grade penalties.

           If late up to 1 day --------------------- 10% off

           If 1-4 days late ------------------------ 20% off

           If later ----------------------------------- 50% off


Final:  The final examination will be worth 200 points and will be a composite of the topics covered over the entire semester.


Programming:  Simple programming assignments will be given.  You will prepare these programs in BASIC and check them out on the computer.


Homework:  Several homework assignments will be given during the semester.  The value of these assignments will range from 10 to 20 points.  Points will be subtracted for late homework.


Quizzes:  There will be a number of unannounced 10-point quizzes.  Quizzes cannot be made up.  At the end of the course I will strike your worst quiz.  (Best Idea: Perfect attendance then no missed quizzes)

All homework/programs must be submitted on paper.  Emailing of coursework will not be accepted for credit.


Attendance:  If you miss a class during the first three weeks, I will assume (unless you inform me otherwise) that you are not interested in this class and you will be dropped.  After the 3rd week, I will only take roll on random days.  If you are in class on time on these days you will earn 5 points. Poor/unexcused classroom or computer lab attendance will lead to a lower final grade.


Copying/Cheating: --- According to college policy, those involved will be sent to the Dean for disciplinary action.  All homework and programs must be completed individually.


Miscellaneous Rules:  1. No food in the classroom    2.  No heads on the desktop. 

        3.  No cell phones on during class   4.  No leaving the classroom once an exam has started   5. No printing of unrelated materials on the Computer Science Department’s printers.

Schedule of Topics and Reading Assignments


 Week Of                            Chapter                  Lecture Description

      8/27                                      1                       Course Overview - Computer Hardware & Software


      9/3                                        2                       The System Unit: Processing and Memory


      9/10                                 12 & 13                  Software Development


      9/17                               Basic 1-18               Writing a Program in BASIC


      9/24                             Basic 19-28               Read/Data, Prints & Selection Structures

                                             Basic 45                  Input Statement

                                          Basic 59-61               Print Formatting (semi-colon, comma, and tabs)


      10/1                                     3                        Using Secondary Storage


      10/8                                     4                        Input & Output Computer Equipment

                                                                            MIDTERM  #1


      10/15                                5 & 7                    Software Use, Systems Software & Networking


      10/22                                   6                        Word Processing, Spreadsheets & Graphics


      10/29                                 14                        Database Management Systems                       


      11/5                           Basic 47-50                Looping in BASIC                       


      11/12                           Handouts                  Functions in BASIC

                                        Basic 79-80



      11/19                                                             MIDTERM #2

                                        Basic 50-55                 Subroutines


      11/26                         Basic 73-76                 Arrays & Subscripts

                                        Basic 62-64                 Print-Using

                                 Basic 52 & Handouts         On-Goto/Gosub


      12/3                             Handouts                  Number Systems, Registers & Arithmetic

                                           15 & 16                    Security, Privacy, Trends & Review


      12/7                                                              Last day to turn in programs (10pm)


At the end of this course, the successful student will be able to:

1.                   Create simple programs

2.                   Operate computer applications

3.                   Describe a computer's hardware and software


             Final Examination:   11:10am    TTh Class ‑‑‑ Tuesday,  December 11th, 11‑1PM